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I have implemented a principle-offending, but effective work-around for Internet Explorer's lack of support for XHTML documents that are served as application/xhtml+xml or which have XML prologs before their document type declarations: I am serving this document to Internet Explorer for Windows as text/html and with no XML prolog. User agents other than Internet Explorer for Windows should receive the regular version of this document. (2005-04-20)

I have experimentally changed the HTML 4.01 Strict markup for this page to XHTML 1.0 Strict. The new markup validates and the page looks the same as the HTML 4.01 Strict version in Firefox 1.0.3 and Opera 8 (which still applies an unexpectedly inherited background color to the Site News scrollbar and still scrolls the page slowly and roughly), but Internet Explorer 6 gets the layout very, very wrong. I am caring less and less about obsolete Web browsers all the time, though, so if you are still using Internet Explorer 6 or earlier, I recommend trying something else at least until Internet Explorer 7 becomes available. (2005-04-19)

I made some changes to the design of the site today, including doing away with the recently implemented striped blue background that was meant to be more timely than the old background while still recalling the old color. Overall, I think the new design feels fuller, but I am not yet sure about the colors and their contrast and I still have some size and space issues to work out, especially between the different browsers. What do you think? Too dark? Too bright? Too little contrast? Too much? I also updated the HTML throughout the site to some very readable HTML 4.01 Strict (some pages were still using HTML 4.01 Transitional) and generally cleaned it up and I revamped much of the CSS too. Finally, I changed the teaser image in preparation for forthcoming (and hopefully regular) new content. (2005-04-17)

I have added some new interface elements to the screen shots index page. Everything is still a work in progress and thus, subject to change. (2005-04-05)

No, I have not forgotten about GameSights! In fact, I have started to update the look of the site ever so slightly. Some of the images and CSS-styled page elements may look a bit strange if you are using an obsolete browser such as any version of Internet Explorer, but if you are using a modern browser such as Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, or Safari, everything should look fine. More updates should follow soon. (2005-04-02)

Continuing with the modernization of GameSights, I have recoded my new image-viewer program using object-oriented design. This should allow greater flexibility and lessen the likelihood of conflicts with other software. Work continues! (2004-07-07)

So can you tell what changed?! The content is the same as before (for now), but I have deployed a beta version of a new image viewer program that will make it easier for me to update the site. GameSights is being modernized! (2004-07-03)

Wow, has it been a while since I last updated GameSights! I am still a busy college student, but I will try to get this Web site up to date with new page designs, new interface and database systems, and most importantly, new content as time permits. An Xbox technology preview as the featured content... ha ha ha! (2004-02-28)

Now that I have successfully waited out the particularly rude domain name squatter who was holding hostage, I hope to have the site up and running again soon. I am a full-time college student, though, so please be patient. (2002-01-13)

Most of the old content has been removed, but I left a few of the old screen shot galleries up as examples of good image gallery navigation.  :)

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